The team at Supportive Financial Planning would like to say a big “thank you” for this wonderful feedback – it is very much appreciated.

“Clive is most helpful and patient – he explains everything very well. I am fully satisfied with his services”
Mrs H
“First class advice – I finally feel ecstatic and relieved. Thank you”
Mrs P
“All details were discussed in depth, options offered and decided. Very happy with service provided”
Miss C
“Clive has been very helpful and it’s a pleasure to have him as a friend. He’s most welcome at our house any time”
Mrs T
“Clive is very helpful”
Mrs K
“Thank you for your support”
Mrs J
“Thank you for all your help and encouragement during the last year”
Mr & Mrs J
“Clive was very patient and informative – whatever questions we asked!”
Mr & Mrs I
“Clive has been very helpful and patient”
Mrs W
“Clive has always been most helpful and we enjoy his visits when they occur”
Mr & Mrs P
“We are well looked after”
Mr & Mrs W
“A very helpful person”
Mrs W
“Very happy with the service provided”
Mr & Mrs J
“Excellent – very helpful”
Mr P & Ms T
“The whole process has been clarified!”
Ms T
“Good level of service”
Mr & Mrs B
“Always a pleasant and ‘beneficial’ visit”
Mr L & Miss J
“Advisor very polite and took time to go through all the relevant literature”
Mrs W
“Clive was very knowledgeable and helpful and a nice friendly person”
Mr & Mrs D
“Mr Clive Perks is an excellent advisor, very pleasant personality”
Mrs H
“Good service and very helpful”
Miss T
“Excellent service. Clive is a pleasure to know and very helpful”
Mrs S
“Efficient and clear explanations”
Mr & Mrs R
“Helpful and clear advice”
Mrs L
“Very happy with all arrangements”
Mrs F
“Extremely satisfied with advice given”
Mr B
“Very satisfied”
Mr T
“Very good”
Mr & Mrs W
“Very satisfactory service”
Miss M
“Clive you give us all the time and understanding we need. Thank you”
Dr & Mrs H
“Advisor took the time to make sure everything that would happen was well understood”
Mr C
“Friendly, helpful and great to just chat with. Trusted greatly”
Mr C
“Very helpful and takes time to explain everything”
Miss B
“Nice person – drinks a lot of tea! Gives me confidence”
Mrs C
“Very helpful”
Dr & Mrs S
“I was very pleased with Clive and the way he dealt with our matters. I would recommend to my friends and family”
Mrs J
Mr H
“Very happy – fully informed. Given a good understanding of products available”
Mr & Mrs C
“I feel very happy with Clive’s advice and look forward to future co-operation with him”
Mrs W
“Thanks for all your help and support”
Mrs A
“Thank you for all you’ve done for us”
Mr & Mrs B
“Thanks for your help and support over the last twelve months. So very much appreciated”
Miss T & Mrs S
“Very happy with process”
Mr & Mrs F
“Clive has taken a huge load off my mind – I trust him completely”
Mrs M
“Perfectly happy with the service provided”
Mr L & Miss J
“Very helpful and trustworthy”
Mr K
“Clive explained everything very well”
Mrs E
“Good, clear and precise advice and answered all the questions asked”
Mr E
“Happy with Mr Perks”
Mrs S & Miss T
“Clive, Enclosed are the documents you require, thanks for coming out so promptly. I and R said it was good to see you. I really appreciate what you have done for me”
Mrs A
“Very pleased with Clive’s service”
Mrs A
“Very thorough, clear and supportive”
Mr S
“All my questions were answered in a clear and concise manner”
Mr & Mrs K
“Everything was explained clearly to me”
Mrs L
“Good service”
Mrs B
“Thank you for all your help and advice”
Mr & Mrs B
“Thank you for all your help and 'tuition'”
Sir & Lady
“Always willing to fit in with the hours you can manage”
Mr L & Miss J
“Complete clarity and a real effort to empathise with our needs. Supportive Financial Planning make every effort to meet their customers’ needs and provide excellent financial advice”
Sir & Lady
“Clive gives a very detailed service”
Mr Y