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… if tax is taxing … if money is a worry, we're here to help

We offer you a unique approach to financial and tax advice, rooted in the principle of blending knowledge, experience and a passion to care.

Supportive Financial Planning provides advice on how best to improve your financial wellbeing in the most tax-efficient way. We help you understand the options available, we bring clarity and then we give peace of mind that you are supported each step of the way.

You will receive advice from a chartered financial planner
You will receive advice from someone who is independent
You will receive advice from someone who cares

When you're living the dream, we're here for you; when your get-up-and-go has got up and gone, we are here for you; when your children are your future we are here for them.

We have wonderful clients who have given generous testimonials and we thank them.

What makes us different is our passion to help our clients improve their financial security, help them improve the financial security of their loved ones and, above all, it’s how we make them feel.

You wish for advice from someone who is a highly qualified chartered financial adviser, completely independent, and who cares.

You’ve come to the right place.

We look forward to helping you.

Clive Perks photographMeet the director

Clive Perks APFS CFP
Chartered Financial Planner, Director and Trainer

Clive’s father died when he was young, and he later went on to care for his elderly mother before her death a couple of years ago.

Clive cares, it’s in his DNA.

Clive’s dedication to the role of caring for his mother did not stand in the way of his ambition to achieve chartered financial planner status before going on to excel in providing investment and tax advice to clients and fellow professionals.

Clive invests in himself, fuelling his thirst for knowledge and building on his expertise.

Clive has an enormous capacity to listen.

Clive is trusted to help people like you build their wealth and financial security, preserve their wealth and independence and pass down their hard-earned money to their loved ones.

Learn why Clive’s clients believe in the power of good advice, from someone who cares and someone you can trust.

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