Personal injury and medical negligence support service

Welcome to the personal injury support service. In our opinion we work alongside some of the best solicitors in the country.

If you have been recommended to Supportive Financial Planning by your solicitor, then they recognise you and your family as people rather than just cases. It is important to them that as well as fighting your corner, they make sure that you are looked after and supported.

We provide a service as the professional friend who understands the hurdles to be overcome and the issues that you may wish to consider, some of which are not always apparent at the time. Through our experience and expertise we can help, support and guide you both now and in the future.

We recognise the emotions that both victims and their families may go through following a personal injury. Roles and relationships within the family may change; the emotional and financial ramifications may be extensive.

Your solicitor will seek to maximise your award so that you receive the compensation you deserve. Sadly, this can take longer than you might like, as the defendant's own lawyers will try to minimise and delay the award that is rightfully yours.

We have a wealth of experience and expertise and will provide you with support, understanding and reassurance during what may sometimes be a frustrating journey.

Once the award has been won, we know that our clients need financial guidance to last a lifetime.

It is important that what you have won in one hand is not lost from the other, whether this is by loss of or reduced entitlement to welfare benefits, or the payment of unnecessary tax. We work alongside specialist solicitors who, together with ourselves, offer a wealth of expertise and experience in this area and will continue to help you preserve what has been won.

In cases of brain or spinal injury, the Court of Protection is often involved and the appointment of a deputy is required. By law, deputies must adhere to the Mental Capacity Act and the Code of Practice; it is a role not to be entered lightly, but our help is at hand.

There are many qualities which make us unique, including simply that we are here to help, whatever the future holds, and we constantly have your best interests at heart and will support you each step of the way.

Talk to us, now.