Supporting trustees

There are two significant documents that all Trustees should be aware of when undertaking their duties as Trustees. The first of these is the Trustee Act 2000, the second the Myner Review of Institutional Investment in the UK (2001) by Professor Paul Myner. The Trustee Act 2000 extended the duties of Trustees to ensure that all Trust investments are justified, explained and regularly reviewed. This means that as a Trustee you are required to take investment advice and then actively and regularly review the investment portfolio that you're responsible for. This need not be daunting, as we can help you in the following ways:

  • Making sure the investment is tax-efficient for the Trustees and for distributions to the beneficiaries
  • Keeping Trustee administration and associated costs to a minimum
  • Construction of Trust investments
  • Reviewing of existing Trust investment portfolios
  • Understanding the impact and responsibilities of the Trustee Act
  • Providing regular valuations on Trust monies