Introduction to Office of the Public Guardian - Deputy

Helping you in your role and with your duties as a Deputy

The Court of Protection appoints Deputies to look after the finances and property of people who lack mental capacity. The appointments are made under the Mental Capacity Act 2005; before the Act came into force Deputies were known as Receivers.

The deputy's responsibility is to make decisions in the best interests of their client when dealing with their day-to-day finances. The deputy also has a duty of care to make sure any investments are made wisely.

The recent changes in the Public Guardianship Office and the introduction of the Mental Capacity Act have reinforced the importance of person-centred advice, taking into account the claimant and patient's best interests and wishes.

Our experience and understanding means that we can provide comprehensive and sympathetic advice to clients and deputies.

In addition simply to helping make the funds last as long as the claimant, we will actively and regularly review the investment portfolio that you are responsible for.

For attorneys or deputies who are not acting in their professional capacity, we can help you by guiding you on professionals such as solicitors who also are very experienced in this field.

We will help you, providing you with valued independent advice and a personalised service: helping to make sure your client's funds are invested wisely.

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